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Meet Our Team

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Prof. Amit Gefen

Lab Director

Current Students


Alexey Orlov

PhD student, Marie Skladowska-Curie Doctoral Research Fellow.

Use an experimental-computational approach to investigate the effect of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) on states of tissue strain and stress in the wound-bed and peri-wound skin.


Maayan Lustig

Ph.D. student 

Research topic: A computational model for evaluating the efficacy of protective vests in preventing non-penetrating combat-related injuries


Angela Grigatti

PhD student, Marie Skladowska-Curie Doctoral Research Fellow.

Field of research: Prevention of pressure ulcers. 

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Adi Lustig

M.Sc. Student 

Design, develop and build a robotic phantom of a chronic injury, simulating an active wound environment at the thermodynamic, mechanical and use conditions which
duplicates real-world settings.


Field of interest: Machine learning algorithm development in prevention and treatment in chronic wounds.

Mai Dabas 

M.Sc. Student 

Lea Peko

Ph.D. student 

Research : The science of prevention of Medical device-related Pressure Ulcers(MDRPUs),Evaluation of tissue health status when using medical devices associated with MDRPUs using non -invasive and innovative portable technologies (Sub epidermal moisture (SEM) Scanner ,Infrared Thermography, Transcutaneous Oxygen Tension ((tc-PO2) sensors, portable ultrasound.

Raz Margi

M.Sc. Student 

Research: Protective effects of cyanoacrylate coating on skin. 

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Tal Yaniv

M.Sc. Student 

Research: cost-effectiveness modeling of wound dressings